What are your priorities recovering from sexual addiction?

As the journey to recovery from sexual addiction begins, it is important to evaluate your goals moving forward. It may seem overwhelming at the start, but knowing what’s important to you will help make the process easier and more manageable.

For instance, does it matter the type of people in your recovery support group? For instance, some women prefer to attend a group with other women. Or, what are the values that you have that you hope match up with your therapist? Are you searching for something faith-based, or do you want someone who specializes in sexual addiction recovery?

As you or your loved one work toward recovery, finding the right therapist for sexual addiction is important. Find someone whose values and goals match up with yours, and you’ll have an easier time during the recovery process.

To do that, here are some questions to help locate the right therapist before you step inside the office:

  • Do you understand sex and love addiction? Have you ever treated someone who is addicted to sex or pornography?
  • What is your experience with sex addiction, and with compulsive behavior in general?
  • What kinds of support meetings do you recommend to your clients?
  • How would you support my sexual and romantic sobriety?
  • How could you help if I acted out in my addiction?
  • If applicable: Are you experienced with lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender clients?
  • If applicable: How would you handle my religious beliefs?

As you embark on your recovery journey, it is important to find support in healthy places. These will be the places you draw strength and rely on during difficult times as well as successes. Healthy places to find support during the process include:

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