What about sex? How to deal with intimate relations on the road to recovery

Many times, during the recovery process, sex addicts or their partner may wonder if sex is completely off the table. Most times, sexual addiction has caused pain and broken trust for one or both partners, which makes the thought of sex uncomfortable or terrifying.

This feeling is normal for couples here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Spokane, Washington, and across the country.

For most people, sex is deeply based in trust and mutual faith in one another. Why would you want to have sex with someone you don’t trust? Many professionals recommend taking sex off the table for several months.

Instead, express your feelings in a different way. Angry? Let your partner know through constructive conversation. Feeling warm or even loving? Tell your partner.

Don’t think of this as a punishment to either partner. Instead, consider this a challenge to reconnect in a more caring way, emotionally and physically, or even as a challenge in self-restraint and respect you can work on together. 

When you both discuss together or in couple’s therapy that you’re ready to revisit sex, do so carefully, respectfully and as a couple.

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