Virtual Reality and Pornography: A New Normal?

The hazards posed by porn addiction are well known. It could even be argued that no amount of pornography is healthy and that even minimal or occasional exposure to porn can have a negative effect on a person’s psyche. But when combined with virtual reality, porn can be even more damaging to the individual and the people around them. 

Viewing porn is seen by many as a harmless activity. In many societies, it is almost a rite of passage for young people to display an interest in pornographic materials when they reach their teens. But while this is often considered normal and even amusing, there is definitely nothing healthy about it. 

The Problem With Porn

One of the main problems with pornography is that it encourages erroneous and irrational views on sex and relationships. Because so much of the adult industry is centered on unhealthy and even dangerous values, people who view it frequently develop much of these same values. Over time, these viewpoints become an increasingly dominant aspect of their personalities.  

A quick scan of the most searched topics on adult sites clearly reveals these questionable ‘values’. With many videos, themes such as domination, control, immediate gratification, and promiscuity are the main subjects. Some even drift into riskier and more extreme acts and behaviors involving physical harm and humiliation. 

Of course, this could severely affect porn addicts and their relationships with other people. Conflict often arises when they expect friends, casual acquaintances, significant others, and even total strangers to share the same views. 

The Harm Caused To Children

The dangers of porn are even more significant for impressionable people such as teens and children, although people of any age can be just as affected. When the acts, behaviors, and beliefs portrayed in porn are seen as ‘normal’, the people viewing them may begin to incorporate them into their real-world lives. In more extreme cases, they may grow up with these mistaken notions about sex and relationships and carry them into adulthood. 

The Added Dangers Of VR Porn 

When technology is added to the mix, the results can be even more devastating. Virtual reality (VR) tech has improved by leaps and bounds over the past several years, with a degree of clarity, realism, and detail that didn’t exist only a few years ago. And while it is still a long way from being totally lifelike, VR has come much closer to approximating real-world environments and scenarios. 

As you might expect, this opens up a host of new problems associated with accessing and viewing porn. Because of VR’s added element of realism, it is much easier for porn viewers to lose themselves in the fantasy world that the material depicts. The problematic messages and scenarios are often still present, but the experience is amplified and brought even closer to reality. 

It could also be said that VR porn is much more similar to real-world infidelity because it is so much easier to form relationships with virtual entities than with performers on a screen. There is considerably more interaction between the viewer and the performer, and the entire experience lends itself to forming a bond of sorts.

Perhaps the closest equivalent to “traditional” porn is the webcam model, in which the performer and viewer interact in real-time. Often, the customer may request the person at the other side of the camera to perform a specific action or choose from the many different ‘experiences’ on offer. 

Interacting with a human‒whether on camera or in a virtual environment‒can be considered a step further than “traditional” porn, in which there is no interaction between the viewer and performer‒at least not in real-time. For the porn addict’s spouse or relationship partner, these activities can be considered more hurtful and damaging to the relationship, given its similarities with extramarital affairs. 

The Damage That Porn And VR Porn Cause

One thing that most people would probably agree on is that porn addiction causes harm to the person and the people around them. It often negatively affects the addict’s life and personal relationships, with the consequences worsening as the individual sinks deeper and deeper into the addiction. 

Furthermore, porn addiction can only be more problematic when VR is added to the equation. If these activities significantly affect the person’s life, it may be necessary to seek counseling-based treatment with a certified sexual addiction therapist.