Tools to help sexual addicts recover long-term

As days turn into weeks, and months into years during the recovery process, sexual addicts may unfortunately begin to relax their recovery behavior. Long-term recovery is possible, but it takes honesty, integrity and a wiliness to seek help when needed. Otherwise, slips and relapses could occur.

Slips, or momentary return to addiction through mostly unintended behavior, are common in recovering sexual addicts. Sometimes, an unexpected stressor or a sexual trigger can cause the addict to regress in their behavior. However, this does not mean that sexual addiction should feel permission to slip. A series of slips, or relapse, comes most often after an addict kept their slips secret, rationalized the behavior or justified the slip.

After a slip, the sexual addict must tell someone — their partner, therapist, sponsor or supportive friend in recovery. The best source of supportive support to avoid multiple slips or relapse is your therapist or twelve step sponsor and community.  Honesty and accountability is absolutely key to prevent regression or a relapse.   

There are a few tools long-term recovering sexual addicts can use to avoid slips.

  1. Use a recovery or accountability partner.
    Reach out for help and direction from someone who is non-shaming, but unafraid to give unfiltered, honest feedback.   
  2. Sexual boundary plan
    Carry or memorize a plan that helps define boundaries and goals. Work with your therapist to decide on one that’s best for you.
  3. H.A.L.T.
    Pay attention to behaviors when Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired, as these can leave you more vulnerable.
  4. Twelve-step recovery meetings
    These create a long-term place where addicts can talk openly.
  5. Self-care
    Return to a normal self-care routine including diet, exercise, recreation and medical check ups.  In fact, more often a decrease in self-care is tied to relapse.  There might not be anything more important than caring for yourself and accepting care from others.    

Do you have a tool that helps your long-term recovery? There are many more than these five simply tools available.  Ask a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist for more suitable tools for you.  Or contact our team today to set up an appointment.