Talking to a sex addiction therapist; a secure, judgment-free way to overcome addiction

Certified sex addiction therapists have a very specific job — to help those struggling with sexual addiction to overcome their addiction.

Many seeking assistance fear judgment, both from their partners and loved ones or the therapists with whom they’re consulting, regarding their sexual preferences or behaviors.

This is not the case for certified sex addiction therapists.

Certified sex addiction therapists such as Ed Dudding have been trained to provide unbiased clinical care without interference from personal preferences or prejudices. Instead, the certified sex addiction therapist, or CSAT, identifies and treats destructive sexual behaviors.

They understand not all sexual behavior is an addiction, and approach each new patient with an open mind.

The sex addiction model CSATs follow was founded by Dr. Patrick Carnes in 1983, and has been evolving ever since. New research and ideas are changing how therapists think about helping those who engage in destructive sexual behaviors, including paying attention to the client’s definition of “healthy” sexuality.

The goal of therapy then becomes restoring the client’s sexuality to something the client finds good, true, beautiful and erotic

Sex addiction therapists who have been certified are not rigid or close-minded in their approach to each client. Instead, CSATs are inclusive, curious and interested in all possibilities regarding their clients.

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