Stimulating Your Senses Leads to a Healthier Love Life

If you are a sex addict, you must live one day at a time. You are learning every day how to have healthy, erotic love lives with your partner without relapsing into negative behaviors. There are many ways to do this, but an important one is stimulating your senses.

Below, we’ll discover the five senses and some ideas on how to stimulate them for enhanced sexual experiences. With practice, you can experience a healthier, happier relationship while recovering from sexual addiction.


The eyes are often considered the pathway to the soul. They interpret the world and communicate it with your body, creating thoughts and actions. 

Humans draw intense connections to visuals. Thus, staring into each other’s eyes while having sex can dramatically increase the sexual chemistry between you and your partner.


In addition to making eye contact during sex, color in your enviroment can have an impact on your love life. For example, incorporating purple into your bedroom can invoke a sense of bonding. Magenta creates a sense of connection, orange encourages sexual arousal, and caramel is scientifically proven to increase sexual desire.

Try playing with colors in your bedroom and see what resonates with you and your partner. You can also play with the colors you wear in your clothes. Clothing is known to produce sexual arousal in partners. Wearing their favorite color may arouse them in the bedroom and lead to a healthy sexual encounter.


Playing with sound can also stimulate your sense of arousal. In fact, sound has been considered one of the strongest senses of pleasure for both men and women. 

Both genders find the sound of their partners during sex to be highly arousing. Therefore, moans, grunts, and sighs can all lead to a deep intimacy.

Speaking to each other during sex can also help you draw an intimate connection. Saying things like “I love you” or “ I cherish you” can heighten emotions and draw deep connections.


If you’d like, you can try experimenting with music during sex. Play music that evokes arousal or peace between you and your partner. This will heighten the connection and ensure you both are staying present with each other while being intimate. Examples include meditation or nature music.


Taste is an incredibly powerful sense. It stimulates satisfaction and creates lasting memories in your brain. Used properly, taste can lead to heightened experiences before, during, and after sex.


There are plenty of foods that evoke a sense of pleasure. Two them include:

  1. Chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate and it has actually been scientifically proven to release serotonin in your brain, a chemical that is associated with satisfaction.
  2. Fruits. These can be refreshing and yummy snacks that you can keep by your side throughout the evening. You can even incorporate them into the action and sensually feed one another. 


Smell can be an incredible tool in the bedroom; there are so many ways to stimulate your senses with it. Try adding flowers to your nightstands, or fresh linen to the bed. You can also take showers together to enjoy the aromas of each other’s bodies.

Candles and perfumes

Yo can also invest in candles and perfumes. Make it an experience and go shopping for them together. Find scents that you both like and incorporate them into your bedroom when you get home.  Burning powerful candles and wearing perfumes has been known to increase arousal in both men and women. You can even try a massage candle to incorporate two senses in one!


This leads to the most powerful sense of all during intimacy: touch. Touching your partner releases chemicals in the brain that stimulate your body. Touch increases arousal in the genitals and invokes a sense of desire in the mind.


More than touching, kissing can help partners develop an intense physical connection between one another. This can be done anywhere on the body, depending on you and your partner’s preferences. No matter where you choose to kiss each other, it is considered to be highly erotic in any sexual encounter.

After Intimacy

Just because you and your partner have finished having sex does not mean that the intimacy must stop. Most people feel a deep sense of connection with one another if they continue the intimacy well after the action. 

For example, the next time you are laying in bed after sex, try cuddling with one another and joyfully reminiscing in the experience. Hold hands, cuddle close, and continue kissing and enjoying each other’s presence. 

Practice these skills outside the bedroom as well. When you’re watching tv, eating dinner, or taking a walk. This develops an intimacy that goes well beyond sex. It strengthens your bond as a healthy couple and encourages strong communication

Ask a Professional for Guidance

Are you and your partner struggling to enjoy a healthy love life during recovery? You are not alone.

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