To overcome sexual addiction or porn addiction, it is best to follow in the footsteps of those who have succeeded.  The individual and group therapies of Coeur d’Alene Counseling has been designed with competencies that help clients acquire the critical skills to develop successful recovery and avoid relapse.

Studies overseen by Dr. Patrick Carnes note that sexual addicts who had achieved a significant amount of time in recovery made the following commitments.  On balance, sexual addicts who achieved recovery success committed to participating in weekly sexual addiction based 12-Step meetings, weekly individual therapy, and weekly group therapy. Most importantly, their success was due to developing competencies necessary to manage their addiction illness as shaped by the activities within these environments.  Thus the competency-based therapies of Coeur d’Alene Counseling are your clear path to success.


As an outpatient addiction treatment center for adults seeking treatment for sexual addictions and co-occurring disorders associated with sexual addiction such as trauma, codependence, depression, and anxiety, Coeur d’Alene Counseling offers intensively modeled outpatient programs and services combining evidence-based and state of the art treatment with 12 Step principles in mind. The offered IOP programs are designed to enable sober and productive living without the harmful effects that sexual addiction imposes to your personal and public life.

Eligibility for CdA Counseling programs and other services are based on a clinical assessment and judgment. Eligibility extends also to individuals who have recently completed a residential treatment program and are in the early stages of recovery needing after-care support and therapy.  Below are some of the different intensively modeled outpatient programs created by Coeur d’Alene Counseling.


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Task-Based Programs to Freedom from Sexual Addiction

The first thing to know is that there’s hope.

You don’t have to live with destructive impulses. You can lose the behavior and thinking that hurt other people and leave you isolated. You can be free.

Focus13 is a road, step by step, out of the secrecy, pain, and penalties. In this two-year program, you build in the structure and systems to support a lifetime of life-giving sex and intimacy.

Focus 13

The name refers to 13 recovery tasks that help you, without shame, know yourself, identify where you’re stuck, and forge a clear path to sexual sobriety. Each task introduces new experiences and “recovery competencies” that equip you to set healthy boundaries that, paradoxically, set you up for true sexual freedom.

What’s the driving idea?

Sexual addictions enslave us to ourselves and rob us of choice. Focus13 tasks restore choice as you remove denial, self-delusion, lifestyle imbalance, and isolation. We see many addicts, often for the first time, gain the means to take on life with the sobriety that, long term, can withstand life’s inevitable storms. It’s good stuff!

And the time commitment?

The two-stage program begins with recovery – 17 weeks to lay the groundwork of stable sobriety. In this stage, a highly structured set of tasks are guided and supported by individual therapy, group therapy, and cutting-edge workbook materials, media, and assessments.

Phase two locks it in. You learn to maintain sobriety or “remain in recovery.”  As you understand how your addiction started, you heal the unresolved grief and pain that came with it. And the changes stay with you.

It’s that simple… 

Simple doesn’t mean easy, as the saying goes. But the change you want is worth the work – and also, you’re not alone. Peers are changing with you; professionals come alongside you. The result is a new start at life and relationships, and love, and the ability, finally, to choose freedom.

To access the details of the Focus-13 treatment program, click here: Focus-13 Program


Focus 7

A unique entry-level forty-eight week recovery program for men and women suffering from sexual addiction.

This program focuses on developing stable sobriety and a pathway to lifetime recovery. It involves seven highly structured tasks that guide and support successful abstinence and the resolve for long-term change.

Focus7’s payment schedule package discounts client payments in a step fashion, which is less expensive than paying for sessions or materials one at a time. Each payment includes all materials and covers 4 weeks in which clients schedule and complete four 50-minute therapy sessions, ideally one session per week. Some clients appreciate the flexibility to schedule multiple sessions in a given week to allow for their busy schedules or particular needs.  The program also includes the workbook, “Facing the Shadow,” two other support books, and assessment materials.

To access the details of the Focus-7 treatment program, click here: Focus-7 Program



A program dedicated to understanding the consequences of pornography and the support to overcome its compulsive unwanted use.

Cybersex is a program designed to combine education and counseling about sexual addiction that uses Internet or cyber technologies. It is offered in a group format and in an individual counseling format. Its structure is educational requiring participants to complete readings and related written assignments. It is also therapeutic requiring participants to accept guidance in self-awareness about their problems with problematic sex using cyber technologies.

Focus 265

A program dedicated to accessible support with unwanted sexual compulsions.

Focus 265 is an affordable and accessible alternative to begin establishing a recovery routine in your life that begins combating destructive sexually compulsive behaviors. Program 265 is a “soft” intensive 30-day program. The word “soft” is used because though the work is directly intensive, its design does not require a disruption to your daily life responsibilities. Program 265 may be completed with no needed changes to your personal and vocational life. The direct personal daily work accesses highly effective and proven material with counseling support.

Focus 1 of 2

A program dedicated to developing the unique support partners and/or spouses need.

Focus 1 of 2 is a program designed for spouses and partners of sexual addicts. As a partner or spouse of a sexual addict, you are most likely experiencing intense and conflicting feelings around shame, confusion, and isolation. You do not have to be alone during this time. Betrayal, lies, broken vows, distrust, diminished desire to be intimate are part of what you may be experiencing. Focus 1 of 2 is a program that helps you begin to sort out the realities of one of the most difficult and painful seasons of your life. This program helps you pick up the pieces in a supportive way that leads to reassurance and eventual peace and health.

Focus U

This program creates a customized IOP to meet your unique circumstances and needs. It is accommodating to many men and women who for a variety of reasons cannot participate in standard treatment options. The program creatively combines all the essential treatment elements associated within the other IOPs to meet the basic addiction therapy requirements. Call for more details.


Focus-21 is designed especially for sex addicts who are full-time missionaries. Focus-21 aims to treat the whole person by providing patients the most progressive and well-researched sex addiction and chronic unresolved stress treatment available in a format that includes both the sex addict and their spouse.

Recognizing the obvious signs of sex addiction can help identify if a person has crossed the line from a normal enjoyment of sex to an addiction that needs professional assistance. Indications of problematic sexual behavior includes:

  • Loss of control of behaviors
  • Preoccupation with sexual acting out behaviors
  • Significant adverse consequences
  • Continuation despite consequences

Sex addicts while on their mission field may continue to engage in unwanted sexual behavior despite the potential risks to their ministry and family stability. Sex is part of a normal, healthy life; however, when sexual activities or thoughts become consuming or habit forming, it may have crossed the line into sex addiction.

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