Pornography Addiction Counseling Spokane

Pornography addiction counseling Spokane, as in other cities, must address obsessive sexual thoughts.  Too often pornography addiction counseling in Spokane and other cities focus too heavily on the unwanted sexual behavior, which of course is critically important. Stopping compulsive sexual behavior is a keystone to recovery. However, many sexual addicts do not act out (i.e., with masturbation, etc.) yet suffer with chronic obsessive sexual thoughts that disrupts their lives.  Often this is referred to as preoccupation.  

Preoccupation is a pattern of obsessive thinking and thoughts that persist throughout each day. Sexualized preoccupation obsesses about sexual activity and/or the pursuit of intense levels of intimacy.  For many sexual addicts, their preoccupation evolves if there is no targeted treatment.  Commonly sexualized preoccupation is with provocatively imagined images of persons engaged in sexual acts.  These imagined images can “profanely” increase causing many relationship problems, such as the inability to be present.  

Many sexual addicts successfully self-correct their unwanted sexual behavior but cannot successfully manage chronic preoccupation of sexualized thoughts and fantasies. For too many, this leads to increased relationship distress, isolation, and renewed secret keeping that is all maintained through shame.

For sexual addicts with sexualized preoccupation problems, it is highly likely they will not successfully maintain their sobriety with out pornography addiction counseling that addresses their preoccupation. Unfortunately, many sexual addicts who have successfully self-corrected their unwanted sexual behavior have sexualized preoccupation problems.  And they rarely seek help.  Sadly, they end in relapse and are forced into getting help too often.  Coeur d’Alene Counseling’s program addresses both stopping unwanted sexual behavior and stopping unwanted persistent sexualized preoccupation. Call today. 208-755-7114