Safe, Confidential Sex Addiction Treatment For Men and Women in Missions

Premier Outpatient Treatment for Sex Addiction

There is Hope!

Yes, absolutely! There are other women and men in missions who have had greater difficulty, greater loss, and more pain than you!  But, it is not their loss or their pain you are feeling.  It is your loss and your pain that you are feeling!  And sense you matter, let’s talk about you…

How We Can Help

Our program “Focus-21” is designed as an accessible solution for complex sexual addictions, emotional trauma, and dual diagnosis issues faced by missionary men, women, and their spouses.  We know that within missions many men, women, and their spouses suffer in silence from the effects of out-of-control sexual behavior.

Recovery From Sex Addiction

Sexual addicts suffer in silence. Those addicts who may be full-time Christian missionaries experience a unique guilt and shame over their behavior. The intensity of their shame in living a life they desperately wish to not be living is full of constant fear of being discovered and losing their ministry. And this shame can actually play a part in further driving the addictive cycle, using inappropriate sexual behavior to block out the very pain of their addiction. Like other forms of addiction, sex addicts are not in control and cannot stop their behaviors, no matter how self-destructive and potentially devastating the consequences may be.

Meet Our Therapists

Ed Dudding, CSAT® and Laura Taylor, MSW, both committed to the Christian faith as followers of Christ, operate independent privately licensed and certified counseling practices in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.


Laura Taylor owns Anchored Support, LLC and specializes in working with partners of sexual addicts and complex trauma as a certified EMDR therapist and an EMDR consultant.


Ed owns Coeur d’Alene Counseling, Inc. and specializes in working with sexual addicts and and multiple addictions.  Ed is a certified sexual addiction therapist (CSAT®) and a certified multiple addiction therapist (CMAT®).

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