How much should a partner know about their significant other’s sexual addiction?

Many partners find out about their significant other’s sexual addiction by accident — a friend tells the partner or they find signs of the addiction on the computer — or maybe the addict decides on their own that it’s time to seek help. No matter how the partner learns about the sexual addiction, it will usually come as a shock and surprise.

After learning about the sex or pornography addiction, a partner usually faces confusion, wondering what the next step is.

Many partners who find out on their own confront the addict. If the partner agrees he or she has a problem, the next step is generally to find a therapist who is knowledgeable about pornography and sexual addiction.

For couples in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene that choose to seek counseling for the sexual addiction, an early step might be having a planned formal disclosure session to gain a more complete picture of the addiction.

However, before the disclosure, it is important to clarify your goals with your therapist, which will help you both decide how much you feel that you need to know about the addiction.  To do this without the guidance and support of your therapist, your relationship has the potential for unnecessary hardship or damage. 

Do you feel that you need to move toward greater intimacy and repair the relationship? Or do you feel like you want to punish the addict for their behavior?

The first is a positive step and intent, which the second is manipulative. Both responses warrant a different level of counseling and disclosure.

Everyone is different, and every situation is different.

Talk with your therapist to figure out how much you should know about the addiction before you and your significant other begin the road to recover.

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