How Can Virtual Reality VR Be Used?

Virtual reality, once a thing of sci-fi movies and books, is becoming a reality in many places. You can even buy VR headsets, strap in your smart phone, and be instantly transported to an undersea landscape or a jungle in another country.   

But beyond traveling to new places, how can virtual reality to be used? Many professionals see the opportunity to use VR technology in education or entertainment.

The same is true for experts working in the sexual education industry. Within the last several years, virtual reality pornography has begun making its way onto the market. According to some websites, views of VR porn are up 275 percent since it debuted in summer of 2016.

Some sex therapists and educators are using the technology to create educational videos that could help men and women overcome sex problems or better enjoy sexual experiences.

There has also been discussion in the industry that educational videos can help users identify safe sexual behaviors.

“What if we had young people watch videos where they practice consent or practice identifying at-risk behaviors?” Bryony Cole, host of the podcast Future of Sex, told The New York Times last year. Cole’s podcast focuses on technology and sexuality, and how the two interact. Cole added that VR videos could be used to discuss sex-related issues, such as sexually transmitted diseases.

“They can be in a room with someone who said, ‘I contacted herpes and this is my experience,’ ” she told The Times. “That is way more informative than a gonorrhea slide.”

However, with the increased technology comes the increased ability for misuse and potential new source of addictive behavior, and there are still many unknowns about virtual reality sex. Some sex therapists wonder whether if VR pornography could have more severe consequences or addiction rates, because it is more realistic.

If you have concerns regarding sexual addiction and virtual reality, consult a professional in the industry, such as a certified sexual addiction therapist.