Four ways to restore trust for a couple while recovering from sexual addiction

Once a sexual addiction is exposed in a relationship, it does not just affect the partner dealing with the addiction, but also caused stress and heartbreak for their partner as well. Often, trust is broken, as one partner has usually been lying to the other in some form. For couples in north Idaho and Washington who choose to work through the addiction together, rebuilding that trust is not easy.  However, it is possible for couples who are willing to work together through the recovery process.

At times the process maybe arduous and it is most certainly long, but there is a way forward.  Here are our four important tips to start restoring trust in your relationship:

  1. Listen and communicate
    For both partners, it is important to listen to what the other is saying, both in and out of therapy.
    For the recovering addict, try not to respond in a negative way. Instead, reach out for support and try to see things from the other’s perspective.
  2. Stay the course and preserver
    Rebuilding trust will take time; there are no shortcuts. This process and timeline is different for everyone, and usually takes at least a year.
    For the partner of someone recovering from sexual addiction, remember that your partner committing to recovery is a positive step, but will take time.
  3. Be patient
    Rebuilding trust is a process, and will take time. There may even be setbacks throughout the steps.
  4. Attend counseling – as a couple or individually
    Sometimes, structured activities together can help couple come together in a way that helps rebuild trust and the relationship. Attending counseling together or individually with a trained professional can help the couple work through sexual addiction and rebuild trust.

Are you or your significant other ready to begin rebuilding trust in the relationship? Or, do you have more questions regarding the process? Contact us today to get started on the road to recovery.