Dos and don’ts for the partners of sex addicts

After discovering a partner, spouse or loved one has a sexual addiction, you may put all your focus on your significant other. You may focus on how to help the addict and what steps can be taken to get them professional therapy. However, as the partner of someone with a sexual addiction, you will need your own steps to recovery. Don’t let your own recovery fall to the wayside. Here are a few dos and don’ts for recovering as the partner of a sexual addict.

DON’T be afraid to reach out.

You don’t have to handle this on your own. Recovering from infidelity requires a lot of emotional and mental support. Don’t be afraid to lean on those closest to you, or find a professional therapist who can help you work through your feelings and emotions in a healthful way. For those in North Idaho and Eastern Washington, search for a certified therapist in the area.

DO learn what you can.

Sex addiction is a multifaceted situation that can be different for everyone or every couple. Read what you can about the issue, especially from therapists or doctors who have studied the addiction.

DON’T assume you know everything.

Put your health first, and don’t assume your partner has been upfront about everything from the beginning. It may take time to learn about the extent of the infidelity. In the meantime, get tested for STDs, and investigate your legal rights (even if you plan to stay with your partner) to ensure you are healthy and have all the information.

DO trust your gut.

If something seems off, trust your feelings!

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