Defining Healthy, Intimate Sex

If you’re in active recovery for sexual addiction, then you’re probably learning a lot about healthy, intimate relationships. You’re going through many changes right now, though, and learning how to become intimate with someone after entering recovery can seem daunting. Good news – it doesn’t have to be.

Want to learn more about what healthy sex is and how to achieve it? Keep reading below!

What is healthy sex?

Healthy sex is defined by a state of well being where you seek pleasurable, positive, safe sexual experiences. While most sexual addicts have an immature view of sex, recovering addicts understand the maturity associated with healthy sex. They also understand the benefits and mutual connection it provides with people you love. 

How to achieve it

Achieving healthy, intimate sex is the final piece to the puzzle that is sexual addiction. While it’s not an easy process, there are things you can do to help adjust your mindset in the right direction.

Healthy habits

As an addict, you should be maintaining many healthy habits in your sexual recovery. While some of these include expanding friend circles and following your values, there are a few others that pertain to sex itself:

  1. You should be focusing only on positive sexuality and sexual experiences. This means understanding your boundaries and the boundaries of others. It also means that you should be taking baby steps back into intimacy and erotic love. 
  2. You should be accepting your body and sense of spirituality. This means being thankful for the healthy body that you have and understanding its value to yourself and others. You should also be learning about your spirituality, in whatever way that means to you. 
  3. You should be talking about sex and what it means to you with yourself and others. Being comfortable talking about what you like and dislike, as well as your boundaries, will set up a clear line of communication with your partner. This allows a true intimacy to grow between you. 

Ask questions

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