Continuing Healthy Sexuality and Relationships Into The Future

For the past several months, our blogs have discussed ways to return to healthy sexuality, both while single and with a partner. In our last blog, we discussed starting a vision statement with your partner. This helps set similar goals and create accountability in the relationship.

As you build your vision for the future with your partner, keep in mind that you should include a sexual version of this future vision. As a recovering sex addict, it is important to remember how to incorporate intimacy into your lives. 

If you are single, consider this part of your vision statement as a way to set boundaries in future relationships. 

Here are a few suggestions for ideas to incorporate into your sexual vision statement: 

-The aim of sex is to increase intimacy

-Sexual interactions should feel honest, open and healthy. 

-There should be no sexual relations outside the committed relationship. 

-Each partner should feel free to choose how, when and where they have sex, and as well as any limitations. 

As you begin making a shared vision statement with your partner, consider asking a professional sexual addiction counselor for help. Counseling can help guide you through this conversation and ensure a healthy outcome. Learn more here.