Commitments to Make During Sex Addiction Recovery

All humans are eventually compelled to engage in sexual behavior. It may, however, become more extreme for some people. Constantly craving the satisfaction that comes with fulfilling sexual desires is unhealthy. It wrecks your relationships with your loved ones, reduces your productivity level, and you eventually end up involving yourself in unhealthy and illegal habits. All in all, it leads to making a person less human. 

If you’re reading this article right now, chances are you’re struggling with sex addiction and are willing to take the necessary steps to overcome it. 

We’re here to motivate you by listing the binding commitments you need to make to get on the path to recovery. 

Accept Professional Help

It is imperative that you accept the importance of professional help. Sex addiction is a severe problem with underlying causes, making it near-impossible for anyone to uncover on their own. A professional will help you recognize your feelings and teach you ways to overcome it.

You might also need medication for your problem, and only a professional can judge that. You need to commit to one-on-one sex addiction recovery sessions, so you can unearth your feelings and find a way back to your old-but-improved self.

Participate in Support Groups

One-on-one sessions aren’t enough. Regardless of their object of desire, most addicts feel immensely alone, especially when surrounded by people who aren’t fighting the same problem. It would help if you shared your feelings without fear of being shamed for having them.

The best way is to talk to people also undergoing the same thing. Hearing that others have escaped similar situations boosts morale. Group therapy motivates you to get better, regardless of how difficult it may appear at the moment.

Engage in Exercise Therapy Program

Exercise is scientifically known to release endorphins – the same hormone released during sex. If you’re a recovering sex addict, physical activity will give you the same sensation while bringing a profound change in your well-being. 

You will feel your body functioning better as your muscles strengthen, and your blood circulation improves. Exercise therapy can reduce stress, improve sleeping patterns, and help with anxiety and depression – common problems faced by recovering sex addicts. Hence, it would help to practice exercise therapy regularly to progress further. 

Partake in Family Therapy

A significant part of recovering from sex addiction is feeling accepted by your loved ones after they’re aware of your problem. To go about it professionally, you need to commit to family therapy sessions where you positively discuss your collective feelings about the situation. 

As a result, you will be able to get past your issues and concerns so that you can move on as a strong unit in life. Recovering sex addicts find it incredibly comforting to know their family is standing by their side despite internal struggles.

Cope With, and Control Urges 

If you’ve had your first clean period from sex addiction, it’s a breakthrough that you should celebrate for sure. However, we don’t mean to scare you, but it doesn’t end here. There will be times where the urge will make you want to fall back into your old habits. 

To ensure you don’t fall down that tunnel again, you should know that it’s normal and acceptable for sex addicts to experience strong impulses. The actual victory is not to be compelled to give in to them. That is when you’ll know you’re getting better.

Maintain a Balanced Life

Returning to normal entails developing a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Sex addiction can devastate the life you used to have. It may have appeared minor initially, but on the path to recovery, you might discover that the things that used to make you giddy don’t anymore. 

As a sex addict, you may have lost sight of your aspirations and gotten out of touch with your friends and family. But, once you practice putting your urges aside, you’re going to get through this phase too. 

Commit to making time for all the people and things you used to love, and you’ll rediscover your affection for them. You’ll observe yourself getting back to fulfilling your short- and long-term goals to build a wholesome life.

Closing Thoughts

It is essential to know your desires aren’t wrong, but only within a humane capacity. When something you “like” turns into an obsession that destroys everything around you, it is essential to accept the problem and do something about it. By making the above commitments, you’ll see yourself leaving behind your troubles and becoming a more enlightened person who’s stronger than before.