While many sexual addicts are spurred into recovery by a partner sometimes, single people realize they need to seek help with their addiction as well. However, many times, single people have not had a healthy dating life in the past and wonder if a positive dating experience is possible.

The good news is that it is possible to learn or relearn healthy dating habits. Dating during recovering can be done is a positive way, but only after the groundwork for a solid recovery is put in place.

When you are interested in learning to date again, consult your knowledgeable support system, which can be made up of friends who understand what you’re going through, a clergy member or a therapist. The support system can help you develop guidelines for dating.

Here are the top three guidelines for dating during recovery for sexual or pornography addiction:

  1. Really get to know someone before having sex. This could be a few months.
  2. Sex and romantic intimacy should not be your main goal. Focus on having fun and meeting good people.
  3. If the person you’re dating makes you feel bad in any way before, during, or after a date or sexual encounter, remove yourself from the situation.

Discuss these guides and others with your support system to determine the best course of action. Feel free to customize these guides.

What guidelines do you recommend? What helped you recover safely and learn to date again?