The following audio files are reserved only for current clients working on specific assignments.

Directions: clients who have been assigned one or more of the following exercises, click on your assigned link(s) below and follow the prompts.

Noticing Exercise
The Noticing Exercise will help you build the skill of simply noticing your thoughts without being controlled by them. Sometimes our thoughts can be a real distraction, so strengthening your skill of “noticing” can help you behave more safely. You will need a piece of candy or a mint in order to participate in this exercise. (Duration: 00:08:53)


Acceptance Exercise
The Acceptance Exercise helps you deal with one of life’s tricky areas: your emotions.  Sometimes people don’t always do what is important to them because they are distracted by certain feelings or moods.  You can learn how to simply accept that you are dealing with anger, frustration, nervousness, or sadness… but this skill requires practice.  This is a very simply exercise to help you understand how to make room for your feelings without necessarily getting “hooked” or distracted by your feelings. You will need a piece of candy or a mint in order to participate in this exercise. (Duration: 00:05:22)


Here & Now
This Here and Now Exercise helps you be situationally aware. This is a critical skill for keeping your commitments (inner circle for example) and for maintaining optimal living.  The Here & Now exercise will help you practice becoming more focused on the present
moment.  The ability to refocus on what is happening right here and now is important because the mind easily wanders into thinking about the future or the past.  This kind of distraction can be a problem because the only time you can act in the direction of your
commitment is right now!  The more distracted you are, the less likely you will be able to keep your commitments.  You can use this exercise to help you aim and sustain your focus and be more situationally aware throughout the day. You will need a piece of candy or a mint in order to participate in this exercise. (Duration: 00:06:21)



The following four audio exercise selections will help you in strengthening the skill of situational awareness. The stronger your situational awareness, the more likely you will be to maintain your commitments and not be distracted by thoughts, emotions, and other obstacles. The task presented to you in each exercise is very simple, but not easy. These timed exercises invite you to do one single solitary action exclusively: pay attention to your breathing. While listening to these exercises, simply maintain your focus on the experience of inhaling and exhaling. If your mind starts to wander, or if you begin thinking about the past or the future, of if you notice yourself making judgments or daydreaming, become aware of those distractions, and then gently guide yourself back to the one simple task you have been invited to do: pay attention to your breathing. There are purposefully very few directions in these audio exercises so that you can maintain your focus and awareness on your task, rather than instructions by the narrator. For best results, start with the 1 Minute Mindfulness Exercise, and do it everyday for a week. In the next week, move to the 2 Minute Mindfulness Exercise everyday. Progress into longer duration exercises when you believe that you are able to maintain your situational awareness for a significant portion of the timed exercise.

1 Minute Mindfulness Exercise

2 Minute Mindfulness Exercise

5 Minute Mindfulness Exercise

10 Minute Mindfulness Exercise